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Total Engagement Program

Leadership Development in Action

Leadership Development in Action

You’ve probably heard that a happy employee is a productive one who can boost tadalafil citrate the bottom line. How much? See for yourself:

  • 33% higher profitability (Gallup)
  • 43% more productivity (Hay Group)
  • 37% higher sales (Shawn Achor)
  • 300% more innovation (HBR)
  • 51% lower turnover (Gallup)
  • 50% less safety incidents (Babcock Marine Clyde)
  • 66% decrease in sick leave (Forbes)
  • 125% less burnout (HBR)

Our passion at Corporate Motivation is to increase the happiness, health and engagement of your employees and garner for you and your company percentages like the ones above all while blending philanthropy with performance improvement. We do that with our metric-based Total Engagement Program featuring some of the most respected facilitators in the industry. We utilize: (1) Transformational Leadership Development (just a little movement in any direction can dramatically change your perspective) (2) Socially Responsibility Retreats (studies show people are most happy when giving and that businesses around the world have committed to CSR to address the employee/customer, community and shareholder demands to be a conscious, transparent company determined to do the right thing while driving earnings), (3) Mindfulness/Stress reduction (1/4 of American companies now utilize mindfulness such as Google, Proctor & Gamble, The Huffington Post because it works) and (4) Yoga Training (yoga practice creates mental clarity and calmness; increases body awareness; relieves chronic stress patterns; relaxes the mind; centers attention and sharpens concentration)

Total Engagement program components:


Transformational Leadership Development – (Presenter, Lisa Arie – Vista Caballo) – 2-3 days On ranch in Dove Creek, CO (3k per person – % donated to charity)

An effective transformational leadership development program must cause a fundamental and stable shift of the participant’s worldview, fostering the spontaneous growth and expression of the specific thinking styles and attitudes that drive transformational levels of leadership effectiveness.



Corporate Volunteer Retreat™ (CVR) – University Validated and Habitat for Humanity International supported Give back team engagement program – 1 full day or 2 half days – can include volunteering or not –

“If companies are to serve a purpose beyond their business portfolios, CEOs must expand their investments to include employee empowerment, emotional engagement, values-based leadership, and related societal contributions.” How great companies think differently.” Harvard Business Review; the Best Companies in the World; November, 2012; Kanter


Mindfulness/Stress Reduction/Yoga – (Presenters, Eden Kozlowski of Just Be and Linda Riddell of Warrior Girl Yoga) – 1 day On site ($75 per person)

Reduced multitasking, increased productivity, improved quality of work, more meaningful connection with co-workers and loved ones. (Jeremy Hunter, DruckerSchool of Management)


Adventure Based does viagra work Team Building Program – (Presenter, Grand Dynamics) – 1 full day or 2 half days – Location

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of choice ($125 per person – % donated to charity)

Innovative experiential training, team building, action seminars and adventure programs not only inspire participants through carefully designed experiences, they provide the tactics and strategies for individuals and teams to transform the way people work together


Wrap up and Reward trip – 5 days

Mountain/Beach (10k per person – we can add volunteerism online pharmacy australia nolvadex or give back component if desired)

We will work with you to determine the best location for your program retreat. Either through one of our preferred resorts or through a location of your choice, the selected location will serve to reflect on, debrief and put into motion everything learned from this program.

Casa Nova, Deer Valley, UT, Amangani, Jackson Hole, WY, Ocean Reef Club, Key Largo, Celine Cousteau – sustainable tourism trips are just some partner examples – (cause centric productions to make a film about the whole experience – this video can be shared and utilized

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as a training tool – think undercover bosses and your own Youtube channel! – additional cost applies)

Cost for Groups of 10-20 – $18,950 per person ($189,500 for 10 – $379,000 for 20)


  • Impact for Good (additional valley vet online pharmacy give back activities within CVR)
  • Guest Speakers
  • Customized Adventure Races
  • Choose one, all or multiple segments offered – all program components are customizable

We can add philanthropic pieces to all components through volunteerism or fundraising OR create your own cause to champion (ex; save the manatees)

Program includes PR and marketing, website representation and promotion from charities and vendors, conference call series, follow ups, metrics to learn impacts of program

Days can be added for cost of individual per person segments

Does NOT include travel

There is no question that currently there is a fundamental “shift” taking place within our culture and society. Not only are we becoming driven to live a

more meaningful life of purpose full of our own untapped potential, but buy viagra online cheap we are also committing to helping those

in need. This program is for company leaders, executives and conscious capitalists who wish to learn online pharmacy australia brisbane the necessary skills to create a successful company with a dedicated and productive workforce.

The value of this program is not only with developing higher performing and more engaged people – but also promoting your companies commitment to community! At each market where this program takes place we will highlight your companies fundraising and philanthropic efforts. Newspaper, TV, Newsletters, social media etc will reflect what you are doing. We will introduce a national campaign to promote – “your company blending philanthropy

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with performance improvement to not only train and develop employees, but raise funds for charity”! Because of the structure of this program budgets can be shared across your training, CSR, Marketing and PR departments…

About Corporate Motivation, Inc

Corporate Motivation, Inc, located in Kent, Ohio, is an internationally recognized company launched in January 2007 to provide businesses and individuals with a platform to give back to the communities in which we live, work and play as well as to improve performance, morale and loyalty in the workplace. Corporate Motivation provides guidance, tools and resources for businesses and individuals all over the world that are determined to raise funds and awareness for a variety of causes.

Our Purpose:

  • Provide the corporate partner with a unique team experience that is fun and energizing
  • Provide a platform to strengthen relationships

    and empower individuals through an environment that blends unique leadership development with advanced team communication skills

  • Instill creativity and enthusiasm within the individual participants, which spurs innovative personal growth and discovery opportunities
  • Provide the corporate partner transferable tools and processes that will apply towards improved team performance
  • Become part of a process to raise funds for charities and non profits both nationally and globally.

Even more statistics found here;